Share Life Farm is a family-owned sole proprietorship in Saline County, Missouri. On our 10 acres of land we grow Certified Organic produce that we distribute to our CSA customers, Columbia Farmer’s Market customers and restaurant partners.

  • Certified Organic continuously since 2004
  • Farm has been in and farmed by our family since 1929
  • We believe there are 10 acres on this farm that have never had a soil applied chemical put on it.
  • Never had GMO crops grown on it
  • Located in central Missouri, 6.5 miles north of I-70 in Saline County

We were certified organic in 2004, however we have always raised our produce using organic methods. We believe hidden residues and alterations in our crops are having adverse affects on our health. Being organic means we grow our crops without the use of chemically synthesized pesticides and fertilizers, nor do we use genetically modified seeds and plants. We produce our crops the natural way; a way that doesn’t poison or deplete the environment. It’s a process that gets your food to you full of health and vigor.

Here’s a video showing Jim Thomas, Sr. and Jr., saying why we do what we do.


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