Who We Are

Share-Life is a sole proprietorship in Saline County, Missouri, near Marshall, owned and farmed since 1929 by our family, currently Rosie and Jim Thomas, Jr., with Jim Thomas, Sr.. On our 10 acres of land we grow Certified Organic produce that we distribute to our CSA customers, Columbia Farmer’s Market customers and restaurant partners.

CSA starts May 1!

For all our Community Supported Agriculture (CFA) members…remember, this year’s CSA share distribution begins on May 1. If you’ve been a member before, you should have received your annual letter. If you haven’t, and you’d like to find out more, please see the CSA page on this site for more information.

What to do with those lovely long beans



This week’s CSA bag contains these marvelous foot-long Asian green beans, some cute little red peppers, and onions and garlic, among other things. If you’ve never cooked these beans before, consider a stir-fry, like this Chinese Long Beans With Black Pepper recipe from Food & Wine magazine (and use the beans, the onions and the red peppers), or Tiny Urban Kitchen’s Stir-Fried Chinese Long Beans With Garlic. The trick is, avoid boiling or steaming these guys, or they’ll just get floppy.  In a pinch, it’s even possible to make a tasty vegetarian main dish with them, even if your only cooking device is a microwave oven – just be sure to also pick up some of those tomatoes from Share-Life, too! See Seriously Asian for more tips on cooking these flavorful summer vegetables.

May 16: Free Field Day and Farm Tour

Come to a special Field Day and Farm Tour, 4:00-6:00 PM on Tuesday May 16th (rain date: May 17, also 4-6). Meet your full-time Missouri organic farmers and also hear from Dr. Zelalem Mersha and Martha O’Connor  of Lincoln University, about how organic farmers can attain biological control of soil-borne diseases in high tunnels – without harmful chemicals.

R.S.V.P.’s are not required, but they are appreciated – call or text Jim Thomas, 660-886-3936 for more information or to RSVP.

This free field day and tour is a Research and Outreach Project organized by Lincoln University Cooperative Extension and funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture, and the Missouri Department of Agriculture.

Planters, Diggers & More Needed!

Share-Life Farms is in need of some immediate assistance, planting onions and digging up potatoes. We’d love to build up a pool of volunteers, for short, high-intensity periods like this.

Also, we’ve lost our full-time farmhand, so we are also looking to hire someone to work for us this spring and summer, maybe full time if it works out, with spring/summer work in the fields, fall/winter work in the hoop house. Because we’re organic, you won’t have to suffer from toxic pesticides sprayed on our fields. Soon-to-be MU grads or others with an interest in organic farming, this is something to think about – if you can join us before graduation, it’ll probably increase your chances to be hired for summer.

Just About CSA 2017 Signup Time

If you’ve been a CSA member before, look for your invitation and registration form in the mail.

If you’re considering joining for the first time, look for the Share-Life Farms booth at the Columbia Farmer’s Market, meet the family, and ask for a registration form.

See the CSA page to see how our system works.

Mid-America Organic Assoc. 2017 Conference


For all organic farmers and those who want to learn to farm organically, YOUR conference is coming up,  January 26-27, 2017.

Meet the “World-Wide Organic Winners” along with an excellent list of speakers, at the MOA Conference at the Kansas City Sheraton at Crown Plaza, Kansas City, MO. The daily program agendas are available on the conference website.

The hotel has extended its discounted room rate of $119 per night (plus taxes), so call 816-841-1000.  Dial 0, ask for “In-house Group Reservations” and tell them your are registering for the MOA conference. And of course, be sure to register.

Nana’s Steamed Okra

My grandmother was born in New Iberia, Louisiana, the place they make Tabasco sauce. So you’d think she’d have cooked all sorts of spicy Cajun food. Au contraire; my Nana was Scots-Irish, and aside from her delicious gumbo, her flavoring was mild. One dish of hers I always loved was her steamed okra dipped in oil & vinegar dressing. It’s easy and pretty foolproof.

First, you steam the okra in one of these steaming basket thingies for about 6 minutes, a tad longer if it’s huge.


While the okra steams, prepare a standard oil & vinegar dressing:

2/3 cup olive oil
1/3 cup cider vinegar
1 tsp mustard
a little basil (dried is ok)

Pour some dressing into an individual dipping container (we use small custard cups) for each person. When the okra is done, serve everyone some of it. To eat it, grab the head and dip the rest of the pod into the oil and vinegar. Small pods are eaten in one bite; larger ones may need to be double-dipped, hence the individual bowls!

-Rachel B., webmaster

When In Romanesco…

RomanescoCSA members and other farm stand visitors will have noticed the spiky green vegetable that some have called the Lady Gaga of vegetables. Allow us to introduce you to Romanesco, aka Romanesco Broccoli. It’s actually an edible flower of the species Brassica oleracea. Its texture is much like cauliflower, with a mild, broccoli-like taste.

Like cauliflower, it’s yummy roasted or steamed or sauteed. Notice how it always seems to get paired with garlic, lemon and Italian spices. Bon appetito!