Your CSA


CSA veggies from a week in late June – the spiky one on the right is Romanesco…yum!

How to become a member and how it works

1.  Fill out our CSA application form and pay the non-refundable registration fee of $50 (cash or check).  You can get a form from us at our table at the Farmer’s Market. This secures your share for the growing season (May-October).  We start planting in February so the earlier you join the better we can serve you.

2.  Visit our booth at the Columbia Farmer’s market every week during the season to pick up your bag containing 7 to 14 items. If you purchase a half-share you will get a bag every two weeks. You will be charged according to the food in the bag, so this CSA is not as financially risky as the CSA’s where you pay up front for the whole year’s produce.

3.  Adjust your bag, as needed. We encourage you to enjoy the variety of foods in your share, but if there’s something you know you won’t eat in your bag, we’ll remove it and not charge you for that item.  A week’s bag is usually in the $15-$25 range.

5.  Help us put the “community” into Community Supported Agriculture by giving us your email address and following us on Twitter if you use it.  We like to share stories, pictures and recipes whenever we can, and there may also be times when we call for volunteers on the

Becoming a CSA member will connect you more closely to the land and those of us who farm it.  You will also learn of the inherent risks of agriculture.  Total crop failures while rare do occur and crop underproduction of at least some variety is usually a yearly occurrence.  These things are quickly forgotten upon tasting that first ripe strawberry or red ripe tomato.  If you have never been associated with agriculture you will earn that most crops produce best during a certain part of the growing season.  We try to plan for a continual harvest of crops that are in season.

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